American Fly Fishing

Fish Food: Carp Candy

By Dennis Collier

In 1997, Barry Reynolds, Brad Befus, and John Berryman published Carp on the Fly: A Flyfishing Guide, illuminating the small, cultlike band of American fly fishers who clandestinely pursued...

South Fork of the Rio Grande, CO

By Ryan Michelle Scavo

Southern Colorado's San Luis Valley boasts some impressive statistics. Stretching 50 by 150 miles across southern Colorado, the valley's expansiveness awes visitors and locals...

Fish Food: Bassing Below the Surface

By Nick Carter

A largemouth bass crushing a floating frog pattern is one of the most exciting sights in fishing. It's a spectacle that brings bass buggers to the...

Around the Southwest:Thistle Creek, UT

By Bryan Anglerson

South of Salt Lake City in Utah's Spanish Fork Canyon, in 1983, a slow landslide dammed Thistle Creek, inundating dozens of homes and...

Soaring Eagle Lodge

Bounty on the San Juan River, New Mexico

One of the most significant moments of Larry Johnson’s life occurred on a bluebird autumn day in Farmington, New Mexico.

Innovative Fly Tier: Garner Reid

What is familiar can grow mundane. Sometimes creating a little separation from the commonplace can be like kneeling down to blow on smoldering embers.

Michel Creek, British Columbia

By Paul Samycia

Have you ever wondered what the perfect trout stream would look like? How big would it be? What kind of access would be available? Would it be gin clear? What type of fish would it hold, and...

Grindstone Lakes, OR

By Troy B. Jordan

The aroma of bacon wafts around my head and slowly lifts my foggy brain from slumber. I sit up, still hazy from sleeping. My mind clears and I realize the only thing on my immediate agenda is...

Koktuli River, AK

By Will Rice

You know the feeling you get when you open a magazine and see your favorite secret stretch of river revealed to the world? As a writer, I’m sensitive about publicizing small private spots...

Early Stoneflies

By Don Roberts

Early-season stonefly hatches are more about what they’re not than about what they are. This is not the time to go online and madly scroll through vaunted, seasonally prescribed fly patterns. Nor is it the...

Western River Conservancy

Protects Critical Bull Trout Habitat in Washington

In 2013, Western Rivers Conservancy (WRC),, protected a vulnerable mountainside at the edge of Washington’s Alpine...

Lincoln Park, WA

By Loren Elliott

Washington boasts many truly remote waters—lakes and streams off the beaten path, reachable by driving a few hours and hiking a few more. Oftentimes life doesn’t afford the...

Blackfoot River, MT

By Michael Hamilton

As if on cue, my streamer disappeared in a swirl. “It’s a nice cutthroat,” I remarked somewhat indifferently. “Wait a minute. Holy crap, there’s a huge bull trout trying to eat it!” What happened...

Ana River, OR

By Troy B. Jordan

Barreling down Oregon Route 31, heading southeast of Bend, Oregon, to the Ana River, Ryan and I vaguely remember our last time fishing together—it has been too long, we decide. Our conversation...

Little Ku River, AK

By Will Rice

As the floatplane took off, headed for our pickup point some 7 miles downstream, Tom, the head guide, told us, “The sockeyes are dropping their eggs, so there will be plenty of trout in...

Flint Creek, MT

By Jeff Erickson

One of the wonderful aspects of Montana fly fishing is that—in addition to justifiably famous rivers such as the Madison, Yellowstone, and Missouri—there are dozens of smaller streams that...

Formidable Formicidae

By Don Roberts

As physician-poet Lewis Thomas so keenly observed, “Ants are so much like human beings as to be an embarrassment. They farm fungi, raise aphids as livestock, launch armies into war...

Homestead Lake, WA

By Josh McLellan

One early spring day while walking along a game trail on the rim above Homestead Creek—the feeder stream for Homestead Lake—I peeked over a lip of basalt and instantly startled a flock of some 100...