American Fly Fishing

Fall 2002 (Print)

Naden Harbour, BC
Wet, Wild, and Wonderful
By Jack W. Berryman
Lower Sacramento River, CA
Caddisflies in Caldwell Park
By Chip O'Brien
John Day River, OR
Twickenham to Clarno
By Terry W. Sheely
Middle Fork Powder River, WY
Burning Muscles and Hot Trout
By Greg Thomas
Innovative Fly Tier
David Tucker
By John Shewey
Hogan's Coastal Coho Decision
By Doug Rose
A Northwest Fall
By Mark Lance
Pioneers & Legends
C. James Pray (1885–1952)
By Jack W. Berryman
Richard Said That
By Mallory Burton
Northwest Fly Tying
Furled Spent Hopper
By Dave Kruss
Fish Tales
Why I Like Live
By Alan Liere