American Fly Fishing

Winter 2003 (Print)

Omak Lake, WA
Trout the Size of Steelhead
By Joe J. Warren
Big Spring Creek, MT
Jewel of the High Plains
By E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
Big Wood River, ID
Silver Creek's Antithesis
By Greg Thomas
Kanektok River, AK
Fly In, Float Out:
An Alaskan Wilderness Adventure
By Mark Lance
Manzanita Lake, CA
In the Shadow of a Giant
By Chip O'Brien
Innovative Fly Tier
David McNeese/By John Shewey
How Healthy Are Healthy Stocks?/By Doug Rose
Whirling Disease Parasite Found
in Northeastern Washington/By Ramon Vanden Brulle
Winter Steelhead/By Ken Morrish
Pioneers & Legends
Enos Bradner (1892–1984)/By Jack W. Berryman
The Fish by the Cedar Stump/By Roderick Haig-Brown
Northwest Fly Tying
Magnum Spey/By Paul Miller
Fish Tales
Hot Tubbing/By Alan Liere