American Fly Fishing

Spring 2001 (Print)

White River, AZ
Apache Trout of the White Mountains
By Mark D. Williams
Central Coast, Belize
A Lifetime's Worth of Water
By E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
Pecos River/Mora Creek, NM
Two Miles High in the
Sangre de Cristo Mountains
By Richard Twarog
San Luis Reservoir
and the O'Neill Forebay, CA
Lakes of Giant Stripers
By Dan Blanton
South Park, CO
One of the State's Most Diverse Fisheries
By Brad Befus
Fly Fishing Utah/By Larry Tullis
Excerpts from Pavlov's Trou/By Paul Quinnett
Southwest Fly Tying
Area 51 Green Drake/By Christian Billard
Fish Tales
Tuff Enuff/By Alan Liere