American Fly Fishing

Summer 2003 (Print)

Lake Perris, CA
Some of the State's Best Bass Fishing
By Richard Alden Bean
Arkansas River, CO
A Hatch Lover's Dream
By Diane Meyer
Lower Colorado River, TX
Out West and Down South
By Phil H. Shook
Green River, UT
Cowboys, Desperados, and Trout
By Larry Tullis
Hard Times Ahead for Lone Star Bass Fishers?:
The Role of Hatcheries in Texas's Bass Fishing Future
By Paul A. Canada
Innovative Fly Tier
Andy Burk/By John Shewey
Texas Bass/By David J. Sams
Maggie the Cloven-Hoofed/By Rich Tosches
Southwest Fly Tying
The Chernobyl Squirrel/By Matt Ramsey
Fish Tales
Capital Gains/By Alan Liere