American Fly Fishing

Fall 2004 (Print)

Eagle River, CO
A River for All Seasons
By Rick Messmer
Colorado River Slot Canyons, AZ
The Hike-in Option
By Matthew Patyk
Port Aransas Jetties, TX
School of Hard Rocks
By Lefty Ray Chapa
West Fork San Gabriel River, CA
A Small-Stream Delight
By Richard Alden Bean
Are Florida-Strain
Largemouth Bass a Distinct Species?
By Craig Springer
Innovative Fly Tier
Dale Darling/By John Shewey
Arizona/By John Sherman
An excerpt from Crazy for Rivers
By Bill Barich
Outside the Region
The Skeena System, BC/By Jeff Bright
Southwest Fly Tying
CDC Biot Caddis/By Harry Mason
Fish Tales
Arizona Time/By Alan Liere